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Patricia Parlevliet
Green Pearl Innovation

The services I offer cover the diverse fields I’ve explored throughout my academic and professional journey: e.g., materials science and engineering, sustainable aerospace, biotechnology, research and development, start-up incubation, and product development.

With this background, I am able to address a wide range of customers: scientists and researchers, as well as entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and innovation managers.

Below, you will find a more detailed description of my services. Please feel free to contact me to explore together how we can bring your technology to market readiness.

„I am passionate about crafting emerging technologies into products that genuinely answer customer’s needs.”


Turning science into products

Over the years and with growing experience, one aspect has stood out prominently in my professional work: my ability to translate scientific knowledge and new technologies into business ideas and product applications. This includes supporting customer development, product design, prototyping, and creating technology roadmaps, for example.

I delve deeply into each subject matter, always incorporating expert knowledge and customer needs into my decisions. The challenges and goals of my clients and their stakeholders guide my work.

Make your teams successful

This is how I support you as an innovation consultant:

  • My role is built not only on technology scouting and evaluation but also on my ability to understand the language of diverse disciplinary fields and translate between scientists and potential customers.

  • With my experience in product definition and development, I am a strong partner in identifying business opportunities and potential applications.

  • My open and inquisitive nature helps me establish contacts with future customers, thereby opening up new business opportunities.

  • My focus on objectives and outcomes is the perfect companion when it comes to leading and coordinating teams, especially in the context of startups and entrepreneurship.

You deploy me where I am needed.

Accelerating your business

One of my strong suits is successfully navigating complexity, ensuring I maintain a comprehensive overview. This includes product definition, customer development, technology roadmap creation, IP strategy, research and development support, and venture capitalist connections.

I prioritize implementation and execution, operating with clear objectives that enables me to offer solutions, particularly when it comes to implementing sustainability measures to mitigate potential environmental impacts. At the same time, I place great emphasis on team cohesion.

Making ventures pay off

My extensive expertise in both developing new technologies and as a venture architect make me your partner when it comes to uncovering promising circular biotech and sustainable materials opportunities. A fast assessment of the technical and scientific pros and cons of new technologies in the fields of recyclable materials and biotechnology is just one of the skills I can support you with.

Please reach out to me, and together we can explore the most strategic allocation of your capital.


From Materials Science, via Sustainable Aerospace to Circular Bioeconomy

My childhood dream was to become an Air Traffic Controller. Up high, overseeing everything, surrounded by the sky and impressive aircraft, enjoying the view.

A decade and a half later, I came close to that dream as a PhD student at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Shortly after, I landed at Europe’s leading aviation company Airbus, and remained there for nearly 15 years.

During my time there, I was primarily involved in research and development as a Senior Research Project Leader and Senior Composites Scientist, among other roles. In my capacity as a Venture Architect, I was able to establish myself as an „execution enhancer“ and discovered my passion for innovation through developing startups.

Because that is what drives me: „From Science to Product“ – this principle stands above everything I do. I am fascinated by emerging technologies as well as new approaches to a sustainable circular economy.

It is important to me to use resources responsibly and enable a circular bioeconomy through research and innovation. This is a challenge that drives me and connects my interest in environmentally friendly materials and solutions with viable implementation in new products.

Precise and goal-oriented, committed and connecting

– that’s how I work as an innovation manager. My strengths lie in a structured and focused approach: I keep an eye on the big picture and the objectives. This allows me to navigate dexterously between inventive creativity, feasibility, and strategies to successfully bring ideas to product realisation.

We have only one planet at our disposal and a multitude of excellent ideas to sustain our world’s progress. Exploring this complexity towards solutions is my driving force.

So, let’s challenge the status quo together with innovation and a spirit of discovery!

“I strongly believe that many innovations today can only be realized through startups.”


Examples of current and past projects:

Designing Sustainable High-Performance Materials
My Contribution: Advising and supporting a startup in the field of high-performance materials, showcasing the positive climate impact of innovations in the production process, and engaging with potential investors.

My Passion: Creating a better understanding of the environmental impact of innovations and the desire to produce high-performance materials from biobased resources.

Feedback: Patricia Parlevliet's combination of science-based ideas and potential technologies and products in the context of sustainability goals aligns with today's transformative challenges in the business world. Green Pearl Innovation: Innovation management at its finest.
Generating Proteins from CO₂
My Contribution: Deep-dive into the technology and market scenarios for product definition during startup creation, handling grant applications, drafting scenarios, conducting market analysis, and engaging with potential customers.

My Passion: Producing proteins from CO₂ through biotechnology; promoting circularity by generating new molecules from "waste" and renewable energy sources, which can be transformed into food products using biotechnology, resulting in minimal environmental impact without land use.

Feedback: Patricia Parlevliet's unique blend of technical and analytical understanding, product vision, and sustainability ambitions is truly remarkable. Her determination and attention to detail are highly motivating. Additionally, Patricia Parlevliet impresses with a healthy sense of teamwork and a genuine passion for the subject. Collaborating with Green Pearl Innovation is a wholehearted recommendation.
From Mixed-Material Waste to High-Value Products
My contribution: Leading, designing and pitching a successful proposal for a Circular Biomanufacturing Challenge, securing funding for a proof-of-concept to bring science to market.

My passion: Mitigating environmental pollution by utilising nature. We aim to use consortia of micro-organisms to transform multi-material waste streams into useful platform chemicals, which in turn form the basis for polymer materials to produce personalised healthcare products with additive manufacturing.

Feedback: we entered Stage 1 of the challenge! See the SPRIND Website for more information.

Biomanufacturing Challenge
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Dr. Patricia Parlevliet

Green Pearl Innovation
Perlacher Str. 50
81539 München

Phone  +49 162 34 54 509

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